The new incinerator is equipped with two new grid furnaces, 21 T/h nominal capacity each.

A horizontal steam boiler feeds a turbo-alternator with a power of 34 MW, allowing to increase the power production from 85.000 to 190.000 MWh/year. The foundations of the turbo-alternator are designed to reduce vibrations and to prevent their transmission into the entire plant.

The equipments (pits, furnaces, boilers, filters, silos, etc …) are integrated into a 52 m high steel frame building. A new 55 m high chimney has been erected. The waste pit, which has an internal volume of 23.000 m³, is buried at a depth of 8m and rises up to 27 m above level 0. Above the pit, a double overhead traveling bridge crane has been installed for the two new unit lines. A glazed foot-bridge to be used for educational visits crosses the different areas of the plant.

The installations are supported by large-diameter bored piles, themselves encased by carbonaceous shales. The waste pit is equipped with counterforts and vertical bracings to equilibrate the horizontal stresses.

The phasing of the worksite has required the study of cofferdams and supports to realize the raft foundation of the pits.



Project Dates

2007 – 2009



Bureau d’Architecture Pierre MAES et Associés

Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:
170 Million €
(Civil Works: 40 Million €)