The renewal of Mining Line East whose works includes the analysis, revision and approval of project and the management, control and supervision of the works of the renewal of the line include a total of 305 km of railway line

Dedicated to the mining traffic, the renovation work of this one-way line include amendment of the superstructure of the rail (rail, ties, ballast, signaling, electrification), aiming at the improvement of the conditions of movement and transport of minerals from the iron mines of Boukhadra and Ouenza and Djebel phosphate, to the port of Annaba. The renewal of This Mining Line – Lot No. 3, provides for the intervention of 305 km, divided into 5 sections:

  • Annaba-border of Tunisia (48.39 km);
  • Souk Ahras-Kouif (100.37 km);
  • Oued Keberit-Ouenza (24.59 miles);
  • Ain Emmanuel – Boukhadra (18.52 km)
  • Tebessa-Djebel Onk (113.35 km)

The traffic is for the most part formed by trains of ore (approximately 2,000 tonnes/train).



Project Dates

2008 – ongoing