First phase of the rehabilitation between Rue Marexhe Street and Rue des Mineurs Street

The rehabilitation works have been divided into three sections :

  • First section (3rd phase of works) from Coronmeuse Place to Rue Marexhe Street.
  • Second section (1t phase of works) from Rue Marexhe Street to Rue des Mineurs Street
  • Third section (2nd phase of works) from rue des Mineurs Street and to Milsaucy Bridge

This phase mainly focused on :

  • The completion of earthworks required for the utility installations.
  • The construction of three roundabouts (at the intersection of Rue Marexhe Street, Rue Nicolas Laloux Street and Rue des Mineurs Street).
  • The reconstruction of the main road (two traffic lanes in each direction).
  • The construction of service roads (in front of the houses and shops)
  • The laying of cables for future public lighting
  • The completion of various finishing works such as planting, signalling and marking


Service Public de Wallonie

Project Dates

2008 – 2010

Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:
1,762,455 €