Rehabilitation of Road Infrastructure section of Muconda – Luau-DRC border, in an extension of about 130 km.
This work includes the recovery of the existing road, including its extension to a tread with 7 meters wide and two meters of a paved berm.
The structure of the existing floor shows the basic configuration of the lateritic soil and which has executed its stabilization with cement.
Two layers were placed in the sub-base and base in lateritic soil with a thickness of 15cm in each layer, and a wear layer with 4 cm thick asphalt concrete.
He also performed all excavation, backfill and drainage required as well as horizontal and vertical signs. The contract also includes the execution of two bridges, one over the river and other Luembe Luangue on the river in a mixed structure of concrete and metal


INEA -Instituto Nacional de Estradas de Angola

Project Dates

2009 – 2011

Project Figures

Amount of works:
107 M€