The city of Lunel engaged into the rehabilitation project of its arenas, authentic identity of the territory. The operation consists in integrating the arena’s operation into the city in terms of pathway, parking and usability.

The arena’s restructuring aims at increasing the audience capacity with 1000 newly created seats, totaling between 3500 and 5000 seats. In concert layout , the new arenas will accommodate up to 5250 people.

The works also include coverage tiers, creation of dressing rooms, a multipurpose room , a showroom and a mandatory upgrade of all facilities.

Beyond bullfights, the arenas will host concerts, plays, lectures, sporting events, thus enabling a diversification of uses of this emblematic place.


City of Lunel

Project Dates

2015 – 2018


Jacques Ferrier Architectures

CoO architectes

Project Figures

Amount of works:
6,500,000 €