Rehabilitation of national road N260 which establishes a link between the road to the city of Chimoio in Manica province and the border town of Espungabera, a distance of about 228km

The work considers the recovery of the existing road, including its enlargement in two bands of 3.2 m wide in each direction, paved berm with 1.0 m increased by 0.5 m unpaved, making the total of 9.4 m in width. The floor will consist of two layers of sub-base and base stabilized mechanically mixed in together with a percentage of lateritic soil and in thicknesses of 150mm and 120mm respectively. This grain structure is executed a double bituminous surface coating with total thickness of 19mm. In addition to the work floor, are still included all excavation, backfill, construction of two new bridges, rehabilitation of four bridges in concrete, rapid correction of alignment, drainage work, and the installation and execution of vertical and horizontal signs.


ANE – Administração Nacional Estradas

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