TPF-i was chosen for a double operation: the reconstruction of the School François Andréossy and partial restructuring of the School Jean Durand in Castelnaudary.

Located in the city centre, the old School François Andréossy is the place to study Habitat and Public Works. Its reconstruction is taking place 1.5 km from the city centre, where the School Jean-Durand and the agricultural School Pierre-Paul Riquet are already based. These two high schools cover a 53 ha area and the new buildings will be located at the heart of the site, representing a comprehensive development of 70,000 m².

The new facility will consist of several new buildings (more than 18,000 m²) of which some will allow the pooling of functions for the 3 schools (restaurants, documentation, science and sports teaching).

Boarding students will be able to join a third boarding school with 250 spaces (1 per school). In order to reduce energy consumption costs, a boiler room with a wood burner will also be built, as the old existing gas boiler becomes a backup boiler.

The outdoor areas will also be redeveloped, with the construction of sports facilities and green spaces to facilitate travel between institutions.
The association of these three high schools will form a high school student campus.


Région Languedoc-Roussillon

Project Dates

2014 – 2017


Cusy-Maraval Architectes

A&P David Hamerman Architecte

Project Figures

Amount of works:

40,000,000 €