Reconnaissance Engineering-Cum-Traffic Survey of New BG line from Shillong to Chandranathpur and Rail Connectivity to Jaintia Hills (Jowai - Lokro) along with digitization of alignment and other allied works.

After a number of field visits and considering all the essential engineering parameters of the strategic points the alignment was approved by N F Railway. The alignment proposed was based on the maps supplied by N F Railway (SOI Sheets). Ground visits were carried out to verify some of the strategic locations along the alignment and marking the same with concrete pillars for future reference. This reconnaissance survey was conducted to prepare the initial budgetary requirements, estimate etc. for approval by the competent authority of N F Railway so that this line could be constructed if the project is approved after detailed final location survey. Our survey teams along with NF Railway officials initially visited the existing Chandranathpur Railway to Shillong city along the proposed new alignment and collected the GPS points, photographs etc. During these field visits, the team travelled through the NH/SH and other roads to verify the proposed alignment. On their way they tracked the various subways towards the railway alignment, to find out the possible approach roads to the proposed railway line. Extra efforts were taken to reach the site of major river crossings, Tunnel portals and viaduct locations to ensure the suitability of design. After thorough field survey and ground verification the final report was prepared.


South East Central Railway

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