Vila Gonçalves corresponds to a small residential community adjacent to Porto Itapoá, in the State of Santa Catarina, specially in the retro area (container yard). It includes 95 lots, allocated in 04 squares, which residing families live in risky situations, which made the environmental agency - IBAMA - request the performance by the Port of a transfer of families to another place by means of a collective resettlement or acquisition of new residences.

Synergia’ work involved in the preparation of a diagnosis and an Action Plan establishing the set of phases to be completed until the definitive solution of impacts caused by the Port in the life of the families, considering its operations and expansion.

The work relates to the environmental licensing process of phase 3 of port operation, being the issue of Vila Gonçalves a priority to obtain the operation license to be required.

The services performed in 3 months represent only the first phase of a process that is yet to be extended, probably by means of a new contracting, the resulting product being an Action Plan for the implementation of the Rearrangement and Indemnity Environmental Program.



Project Dates