Supervision of construction of a new railway line, in an extension of 185 km in a single track, between Realizane, Tiaret and Tissemsilt

The new line is built in the perspective of a future ramification and the works of art, drainage works and tunnels have double track. The future electrification of the line is also being forecasted.
The new line is envisaged for a mixed traffic (travelers and gods) and can reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The project includes:

  • 78 railway bridges, 45 road upper passageways and 1 upper passageway for pedestrians, for a total extension of 11.717 m;
  • 5 tunnels, for a total extension of 3.477 m;
  • 7 passengers stations, with ballast (341.333 m3) bi-block reinforced concrete sleepers (356.140 un) ;
  • 55 rail appliances;
  • Signalling and telecommunications.



Project Dates