The Walloon roads network includes +/- 1,800 km of motorways and main regional roads.

The “Road Plan” of the Wallonia area foresees the execution of +/- 500 construction sites regrouped into 35 projects during the period 2010-2015. These projects are spread over the 7 Walloon road districts and concern a reconstruction cost of +/- 850 million Euro.

The aim of the audit mission is to lead to an infrastructure constituting a model of quality, sustainability and integration with regards to urbanistic, planning and environmental regulation and arrangement.

It includes :

  • the audit of the way the road network rehabilitation work quality is ensured by each participant,
  • the audit of some organizational aspects linked to the road network management in order to ensure its sustainability or the environmental impacts management.

The core mission comprises 40 audits, each of them to be carried out on a different building site.

The audit starts as from the contracts drafting until the provisional acceptance of the works.

TPF Engineering is responsible for the steering of the audits, procurement and tendering related to the art works.


Société Wallonne de Financement Complémentaire des Infrastructures

Project Dates

Realization date:


EGIS (France) and BCCA (Belgium)

Project Figures

40 audit missions