Detailed design of public transport platforms (bus corridor) and service roads in Highway A-4. Section: Madrid - Seseña. Section length: 28 km

The A-4 section referred to in this project comprises separate carriageways with three lanes in each direction, including a fourth weave lane on certain stretches and a number of accesses, whose proximity increases situations of risk. The current geometric characteristics and operating conditions of the highway are not the most suitable to meet the existing demand in this section with the desired quality standards.

Therefore, the project consists in the design of approximately 17 km of platforms reserved for public transport (bus-only corridor) and service roads on either side of the highway. It also includes the restructuring of the accesses and connections affected by these actions.

The design of the project included a feasibility study analyzing different arrangements for the placement of the reserved platform:

  • Reserved platform on the median strip, with the possibility of having intermediate boarding areas
  • Reserved lane attached to the carriageway in each direction
  • Reserved platform outside the carriageway in each direction
  • Reserved lane attached to the service road

In order to facilitate user accessibility to public transport services, 14 pedestrian bridges have been arranged at the bus stopping areas in order to improve transverse permeability.

The project comprises an impact analysis on each of the 11 pre-existing structures indicating their validity, due to the need to extend the platform.Finally, the project covers the design of more than 50 structures, including overpasses, underpasses and viaducts.


Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2006 – 2011

Project Figures

Contract Value: 2,727,016 €