TPF Getinsa Euroestudios (formerly Euroestudios) was responsible for the design, construction supervision, management of maintenance of road infrastructure and urban pedestrian zones in the region of Madinat Zayed and Liwa.

The Western Region (Al Gharbia region) occupies around 60,000 km2 (83% of the emirate of Abu Dhabi). One of the largest oil and gas reserves of the United Arab Emirates is located in this region generating 40% of the United Arab Emirates’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Western Region envisages a long-term infrastructure development plan (2030), respecting the Emirati cultural identity and environment. The contract consists primarily of the Study, Design, Construction Supervision and Management of the maintenance of the urban and rural roads of the Network of Madinat Zayed and Liwa in the Western Region. The contract included various infrastructure projects: highways, urban roads, urban streets, parking lots, improved pedestrian areas, utilities relocation, drainage system for collecting rain water, irrigation network for parks using recycled water and groundwater, street furniture and street lighting. TPF Getinsa Euroestudios (formerly Euroestudios) acted on a total of 981 km of roads (urban and non-urban).


WRM-Western Region Municipality

Project Dates


Project Figures

Project costs: 20,934,741 €
Construction value: 1,024,253,775 AED