Management support for a Windfarm construction

This farm comprises 6 RePower wind turbines of 3.4 MW each (blade diameter: 104 m, height of mast: 98 m). Three of these wind turbines belong to TTR energy and the 3 others belong to SPE (Belgian subsidiary of EDF).

TPF-Utilities is responsible for selecting the machines, negotiating supply contracts and O&M contracts for a period of 10 years (type AOM 5000) and that of the Balance of Plant. The project management for the BoP has been awarded to a sub-contractor and awarding of contracts (Roads and Utility Services, foundations, supply terminals and connections. TPF is also monitoring the connection works to the Electrabel connection.

TPF has undertaken the complete project management of the farm, that is to say:

  • logistics (negotiation of contracts, delivery of wind turbines from Italy to site, etc.);
  • installation of the turbines (foundations, connections, etc);
  • commissioning the wind farm.


TTR energy

Project Dates