Synergia has planned and developed the productive restructuring process for the families resettled by Anglo American due to Minas-Rio Project.

The consultants worked together with the client to support the productive, social and economic restructuring of the families directly impacted by the construction of the mining enterprise, as well as to meet the commitments made to the local public authorities, assisting in the licensing process for the mine.

The actions taken included:

  • The development of a participatory rural appraisal;
  • The preparation of agricultural suitability reports;
  • Technical assistance from agricultural engineers and agricultural technicians to the families;
  • Production support, with the supply of inputs and management of agricultural machinery;
  • Infrastructure projects, such as: corrals, irrigation systems, milking machines;

The partnership with the client for the provision of inputs and services, in addition to the technical consulting process,  increasing the results of the program and the positive impacts in the economic recovery of the families.


Anglo American

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