Transformation of the existing building and construction of 5 new education units as an extension of the existing building.

The existing building has undergone numerous changes in its major transformation such as :

  • New roof made of laminated timber beams.
  • Glass roof and glass frontage at the level of the main entrance.
  • Reconditioning and adapting the existing structures to extend the education units.
  • Construction of a new two-level span + roof containing the emergency stairs, the passageways, the teachers’ room, the lift and the stairs linking the old building to the new one.

The new structures making part of the extension are traditional, i.e. :

  • Roof and storey +2 = prestressed slab floors supported by bearing walls in heavy concrete blocks and / or  reinforced concrete beams.
  • The first storey comprises a reinforced concrete mushroom slab 30 cm thick with column capitals. The aim of such slab is to support the upper storeys and to serve as a covered part for the new playground.

Reinforced concrete raft foundations are used under the new building.



Project Dates

Execution: 2010 – 2011
Delivery: July 2012


Architecture: Atelier d’architecture HOUGARDY (Benoit VONECHE)

Technical building services: A. BOEMER

Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:
3.2 M€ for the main structure and finishing work
0.75 M€ for stability