Preliminary Engineering cum Traffic Survey for (a) North Corridor between Surajpur-Persa-Katghora-Korba (164 Km Approx.), (b) East Corridor between Dharamjaigarh to Korba (65 Km Approx.), (c) East Corridor from Kharsia/Bhupdepur - Gharghodha-Dharamjaygarh (87 Km Approx.) and (d) East Corridor from Gharghodha - Donga Mauha-Gara-Pelma Block (30 Km Approx.)

CETEST was awarded the job of carrying out Preliminary Engineering cum Traffic Survey for the east, north and east-west corridor for construction of  350km of rail lines in the northern part of  Chhatisgarh state in India. Indian Railways has signed a memorandum of understanding with the State Government of Chhatisgarh for the development of three rail corridors for both freight and passenger use in the region. The east corridor will span 180km passing through Bhupdevpur-Gharghoda-Dharamjaygarh up to Korba. The north corridor will be 150km long and will pass through Surajpur-Parsa-Katghora-Korba, while the east-west corridor will have 122km of rail lines via Dipka, Katghora and Sindurgarh. The proposed three rail corridors are expected to improve passenger and freight rail services in districts where dozens of companies are expanding their production capacities of their thermal plants. It will also be useful in connecting the backward areas of the state. Construction of the corridors will be completed within a period of five years from the formation.


South East Central Railway

Project Dates

2012 – 2014