In this project the readjustment of the implementation of the new access to the Pinto Martins Airport Terminal, located at the Fortaleza Municipality, in the State of Ceará, allowing the connection between the BR-116 federal road and the Alberto Craveiro Avenue.

The Readjustment of the Pinto Martins Road Project, one of the most important airports in the Northeast of Brazil, had as its main goal the readjustment of the access to the new terminal of this airport, involving a variety of engineering studies of road infrastructure as follows: traffic studies; economic feasibility; geotechnical investigations; topography, earthworks, paving and drainage projects; signaling, construction and visual communication works; urban, landscaping and complementary works; specifications and budget studies.

The purpose of this project is to connect the federal road BR-116 to the Alberto Craveiro Avenue, improving the safety of the new road users and widening its traffic capacity.



Project Dates

01/1996 – 10/1996

Project Figures

Contract value : 87,193.63 €