Supervision services for the construction works of the new Archidona Viaduct, in Antequera-Granada high speed railway line

The viaduct consists of a composite structure with a length of 3,150 m and a span distribution of 35.00 + 30 spans of 50.00 + 2 spans of 65.00 + (18+11) spans of 50.00 + 35.00 m. The track platform along the whole route is 14 m wide.

The foundations are based on pile caps that join four piles together, with a diameter of 2,000 mm and a length of 30. More than 250 piles were executed for the construction of the viaduct.

The piles consist of two rectangular-shaped shafts made of reinforced concrete, joined by a rectangular lintel. Piles have a variable height up to 24 m.

As for the deck cross-section, its design comprises a twin-girder steel structure, with 2.95 m-thick girders and a 0.40 m-thick upper slab on the steel webs.

It is noteworthy to mention the use of two spherical bearings on each pile so they are transversally connected for service actions (wind, centrifugal force). One of them is fixed in the transverse direction but both are free in the longitudinal direction. This effect is accomplished by the use of Maurer MSM sliding bearings.


ADIF (Spanish Railway Authority)

Project Dates

2010 – 2012


Euroconsult (50%)

Project Figures

Contract Value:
1,816,715.10 €