The PVT directly benefits the entire population of the East Area of the capital city of São Paulo and indirectly benefits the population of the entire city of São Paulo and Guarulhos. In addition to protecting the valleys and controlling flood issues in the area, this program improves urban conditions and quality of life of the population, being one of the largest tourist and leisure complexes in the State, with capacity to attend millions of users, way beyond its regional district, being expected to foster a continued investment in the region as well.

Participative Construction of the Public Space Management Plan, Mobilization, Organization and Communication with the Population Benefited by the works of the first phase of Parque Várzeas do Tietê – PVT Program.

In order for PVT to achieve its full potential, it is necessary to ensure the society involvement so that it not only uses but also participates in the indication and disciplining to use the public spaces built, supports the control of invasions, preservation of improvements and expansion of socio-environmental benefits obtained with the Park.

The services to be conducted will involve a participative debate on PVT future vision, based on which challenges and opportunities will be identified to reach the defined goals. They will further involve the definition of a schedule for use and appropriation of the spaces created by the program, orienting the management of these spaces by the State.

These are goals of the work: (i) To meet the preparation and implementation of the Social Communication Plan, based on the “STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION PLAN”; (ii) to structure and implement social empowering processes for the common appropriation of recreational centers, routes and bike tracks; and (iii) to perform the participative formulation of the Management Plan for these public spaces.



Project Dates

2017 – 2018


  • CRA Engenharia de Infraestrutura Ltda
  • VIZCA Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda