This contract concerns the operation and management of heating, domestic hot water production and water treatment plants of the ParteNord Habitat sites.

The contract includes the operation of a natural gas central heating plant and 17 substations.

This contract comprises the following services:

  • The supply of fuel for a temperature-based service with sharing of energy savings depending on the buildings (station P1): TPF UTILITIES provides ParteNord with access to an adapted reduction for the natural gas purchase (deregulated).
  • The supply in m³ units of water heated for domestic use (station P1/2) depending on the buildings.
  • The fixed-price service for the routine maintenance and management of the production and distribution plants for heating, domestic hot water and water treatment for all technical equipment (Station P2).
  • The fixed-price service for the resources concerning the fight against the proliferation of Legionella (Station P2).
  • Monitoring the regulatory inspections of the outsourced technical facilities (Station P2).
  • The fixed-price service with full guarantee of all technical equipment for which the Contract
  • Holder is responsible as per the service limits defined in the Technical Specifications with the distribution clause at the end of the contract (Station P3).
  • The supply of water treatment products accounted for in unit form in m³ of treated water (Station P9).




Project Dates

2016 – 2019