Only 3% of Brazil’s water is located in the Northeast. This is the reason why the exploration of the the region’s full water potential is necessary.

To attain this objective, the Federal Government decided to implant the Pajeú Water Main, a system to be fed from the East Axis of the São Francisco Transposition. TPF ENGENHARIA (former Projetec) is responsible for the supervision of the system, which will include a 600-km long piping complex and 20 water elevating stations, adding a total of 830 l/s. It is meant to benefit some 500,000 inhabitants in 28 municipalities, 20 of them in the Pernambuco hinterland (Sertão Pernambucano) and 8 in the Paraiba State. Total investments are expected to reach R$ 500 m.

Project Dates

2013 – 2015