Service contract related to the exploitation and management of installations for heating, ventilation, domestic hot water production and water treatment of 12 sites in the town of Fretin.

This contract covers the following services:

  • The supply of fuel for a flat rate temperature service with profit sharing on energy savings depending on the buildings (item P1): TPF UTILITIES gives the town access to a reduction adjusted on the purchase of natural gas (deregulated).
  • The combined supply of m³ reheated water for domestic use (item P1/2) depending on buildings.
  • The flat rate service for the management and ongoing maintenance of the heating production and distribution installations, domestic hot water, water processing and ventilation for all technical equipment (Item P2).
  • The flat rate service for measures concerning the prevention of legionella proliferation (Item P2).
  • Follow-up of regulatory visits for the technical installations in question (Item P2).
  • The flat rate service under full warranty for all technical equipment for which the contract holder is responsible according to the service scope set out in the STTC with the allocation clause at the end of the contract (Item P3).

In order ensure continuity of service, TPF UTILITIES has provided for in this contract, irrespective of the stipulations contained in the specifications, the installation of a remote alarm on the school sites in the town.


Ville de Fretin

Project Dates

2013 – 2018