Hydraulic exploitation for the water supply to the Eastern region of the Algarve (population project of 800,000 residents) and watering 8,600 hectares in the first phase. The works were developed by separate teams, one concerning the level of project execution associated with design/build phase and another for the monitoring and supervision of construction work.

The program includes the construction of the Odeleite dam, the construction of the tunnel linking the Odeleite dam to the existing Beliche dam, the towers of Odeleite and Beliche, the adductor Beliche and the construction of the WTP of Tavira. The hydraulic system also comprises a number of pumping stations, a main pipeline concrete with 30 km (DN 2500 mm), a pipeline connection reservoir-WTP with 2 km long (DN 1200 mm) and the reservoir Santo Estevão with 150,000 m³.   The irrigation network has a length of 281 km of secondary network, having also designed 79 km of agricultural roads and 107 km of secondary drainage ditches, plus five pumping stations exclusive for irrigation.



Project Dates