La Palma Airport is one of the main transportation hubs in the island. The old passenger terminal was operating at near or maximum capacity, so it was necessary to construct a new one. TPF Getinsa Euroestudios (formerly Euroestudios) conducted the detailed design and supervised the works on the new terminal building.

The new Terminal has 6 floors above ground and 4 underground floors with a total built area of 100,000.00 m². The building was designed to be as sustainable as possible. Most of the excavation materials were re-used during construction and advantage was taken of prevailing favourable climatic conditions in the island (the building is naturally ventilated and passively cooled most of the timevia an open roof that lets in sea breeze). The design allows an extension of the terminal so that it can serve 3 million passengers a year).

Access roads to the Terminal, the Control Tower and the aircraft parking apron were also included in the project.


Spanish Airport s Authority AENA

Project Dates



Andrés Perea (10%)
Rafael Torrelo (10%)

Project Figures

Project costs: 1,825,740 €

Construction value: 94,521,373 €