This project relates to the construction of one of five new sections of the expressway making up the Warsaw ring road, between the interchanges at Konotopa and Prymasa Tysiaclecia.

The aim of the project was the construction the section of new expressway (km 1 + 099.00 – km 11 + 477.07) which runs through Ożarów Mazowiecki, Babice Stare, Warsaw and joins the designed A-2 motorway (let in Warsaw from the west side) with Armii Krajowej route through the interchange “Prymasa Tysiaclecia” in Warsaw. The construction of expressway S8,  Armii Krajowej route, section Konotopa – Prymasa Tysiąclecia covered, among others:  construction of a new, six-lane (2 ways with 3 lines each) 10.4 km long expressway, reconstruction of the existing streets according to the new arrangement determined by the expressway, construction of interchanges: Mory, Warszawska-Lazurowa, two level interchange “Prymasa Tysiaclecia”, building of engineering objects including among others 22 new bridges. This section of expressway not only improved the transit traffic, but also local traffic in this part of Warsaw.


GDDKiA Warszawa

Project Dates

2008 – 2012

Project Figures

Project costs: ca 441.1 Million EUR (tax excl.)