Location: Industrial park of les Hauts Sarts at Herstal l, Belgium

The company FRIANDA is a family owned manufacturing business of bakery products and catering products.

The building intended for this « semi-traditional » activity occupies a surface of ± 2.800 m². The plot of land being only 50m wide, the project is organized lengthwise based on a production flow of a U type. It contains both the production, communal facilities and offices of FRIANDA.
The different functions of the building are clearly distinguished by a different use of material of the facade. This way, the production building is built by means of insulated anthracite coloured sandwich panels, the administrative part stands out by means of a Spanish red coloured facing brick and an aluminium cladding.

The project is characterized by a cubic geometry and straight lines. The main entrance is emphasized by a cantilevered first floor. Playfully modulated string courses and the addition of two imaginary diagonals in the design of the side facade result into an attractive architectural.

The careful implantation on the ground is characterized by the use of rounded small islands softening the strict geometry of the  building and creating an agreeable contrast.

The finishing and colours of the interior fittings are chosen in order to create very luminous and pleasant working spaces.



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Architectural office ARCOTEAM (TPF Group)

Project Figures

2,800 m²