The Project of Social Housing in Cabinda, located in the province of Cabinda in the perimeter of the village of Tchibodo, East of the City of Cabinda, is formed by 36 lots, 90 buildings of 3 storeys, for a total of about 1.002 apartments.

The construction area is of 145.186,00 m2 and includes 78 apartments of the T4-2A type with 123 m2, 156 apartments of theT4 -1A type with 116 m2, 384 apartments of the T4-1B type with about 121 m2 and 384 apartments of the T4-1B type with 98m2.
The Work includes the execution of the following networks of the external infrastructures:
Water networks (6.500m), electricity (1.304m in medium voltage + 12.725m in low voltage), 5 transformation posts, telecommunications network (15.800m), sewage networks (4.300m) and storm water drainage (7.800m), communication ways (69.315m2), including walks (18.764m2) and parking (17.850m2).
The project includes also the construction of a Primary School with a gross construction area of 3.444 m2, a Kindergarten with GCA of 1.267 m2,, a supermarket with GCA of 410 m2 and a Medical Centre of GCA of 1.560 m2.


SONIP – Sonangol Imobiliária e Propriedades, Lda

Project Dates