The study commissioned by the company GSK has to prepare a performance specification for selecting the contractor to perform the design and construction of the station for the neutralization of industrial wastewater from the production site of GSK Wavre.

This station must have a peak flow of 400 m³/h to treat.

Following goals :

  • Neutralization of the water by CO2-injection.
  • Smoothing the flow in order to comply with the standards of the discharge permit.
  • Control of the problem of the H2S-production by the industrial waters.
  • Control of the total discharged quantity of phosphorus to meet the emission standards of the authorization.

The project management mission includes the following studies:

  • Preliminary studies and preliminary design: station implantation, sizing of the water plant, architectural studies, estimation of the investment cost and the operating costs …
  • Making out of the performance specifications: technical part (civil engineering and electromechanical), the particular specifications.
  • Drawing up of the request for building licence.
  • Offers analysis and drawing up of the analysis report.



Project Dates

2011 – 2012