UDG participates in a project for reconstruction and restoration of the national academic theatre Maria Zankovetska, and takes the lead on design. The building was erected in the mid 19 th century and until World War I was used as a theatre stage and a session hall of the regional council.

Classified as part of the World Heritage by Unesco, this prestigious monument is located in the heart of the old town of Lviv, on the territory of the State historical-architectural reserve. The drama theatre Maria Zankovetska was once one of the largest theatres in Europe.  The set was built in the northwestern part of the old town, on the marshy banks of the river Poltava.

This building is not only a historical monument of national importance, it is also a complex building housing a theatre still in operation. Its restoration and reconstruction will require technical infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of a modern theatre (stage technology, production equipment, restaurant, fire protection…) while preserving and respecting the historic integrity of the premises.


SE “National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater Zankovetska”

Project Dates

2009 – 2015


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