The Solidaris building at La Hestre, rue Ferre, 114, houses counters for the customers of the mutual insurance company as well as offices for the administrative management of the institution.

In total, 9,500 m² of floor including 5,700 m² net useful surface area.

The building is currently cooled by a refrigerating unit located outside and still using refrigerant r22.

The project therefore consists in replacing this 20-year old unit with a new unit, complying with the standards in force in terms of gas having an impact on climate change.

Studies covering:

  • Dimensioning of the refrigerating unit.
  • Study for the hydraulic integration of the new installations.
  • Study for the electrical connection.
  • Study for the integration of the new equipment in the existing regulation.

Drafting of the specifications:

  • Administrative clauses.
  • Technical clauses.
  • Appendices: drawings, etc.
  • General health and safety plan.

Analysis of the offers

Direction of the works

  • Checking of work compliance with the requirements of the specifications.
  • Verification of progress reports.


Mutual Insurance Company – Solidaris

Project Dates

2015 – 2016