The Solidaris building in Charleroi, avenue des Alliés, 2 houses counters for the customers of the mutual insurance company, the school of the FPS Charleroi and the administrative offices of the company. In total, 7,000 m² of offices and 2,500 m² of technical rooms.

The building is currently heated by a heating system, through tubular heat exchangers.

Solidaris wants to install condensing boilers by replacing the exchangers.

The boilers, 3 x 130 kW (2 + 1 spare) will be installed on the roof.

Studies and drafting of the specifications covering:

  • Dimensioning of the boilers.
  • Study for connecting natural gas
  • Study for dimensioning and installing the chimney.
  • Study for constructing an RF room for locating the boilers.
  • Study for the integration and hydraulic connection of the boilers to the existing system.

Analysis of the offers

Direction of the works

  • Checking of work compliance with the requirements of the specifications.
  • Verification of progress reports.


Mutual Insurance Company – Solidaris

Project Dates

2015 – 2016