This contract covers the exploitation and management of the installations of heating, ventilation, sanitary hot water production and water treatment for 30 sites of the commune of Roost-Warendin.

The contract covers the exploitation of a biomass boiler.

TPF undertakes sustainable development with the commune of Roost-Warendin with exploitation of the biomass boiler at more than 70%.

This contract includes the following services:

  • The supply of fuel for a fixed sum service, temperature with energy saving interests according to the buildings (item P1): TPF UTILITIES gives the town access to an adapted reduction for the purchase of natural gas (deregulated) as well as these advantageous rates for purchasing forestry pallets.
  • The unit supply of m3 of heated water for sanitary use (item P1/2) according to the buildings;
  • The fixed sum service of current conducting and maintenance of the installations of heat production and distribution, sanitary hot water, water treatment and ventilation of all the technical equipment (Item P2);
  • The fixed sum service of means used in the fight against the spread of legionella (Item P2);
  • The supervision of regulatory inspections of the entrusted technical installations (Item P2);
  • The fixed sum service of full guarantee of all the technical equipment under the responsibility of the Contractor according to the service limits defined in the C.C.T.P (special technical specifications) with distribution clause at contract end (Item P3);
  • The supply of water treatment products accounted per m3 unit of treated water (Item P9).


Municipality of Roost-Warendin

Project Dates

2014 – 2019