The contract for the construction of section of the A4/IP4 between Amarante and Vila Real, which includes the so-called tunnel of Marão, is part of a road investment plan that aims to grant the projects of Douro Litoral, Marão tunnel, highway Transmontana, Douro Interior, Baixo Alentejo, Baixo Tejo, Highway Centro, West Coast and Alto Alentejo.

The New Motorway with a total of about 30 km includes the Marão tunnel, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula and includes a tunnel with two parallel galleries unidirectional with 5.6 km of extension and 12.10m wide crossing the Marão Mountain and with 13 interconnections between them, 3 flyovers with a length between 280 m and 85 m, 9 overpasses with a length between the 85 m and 20 m, in an extension of current stroke 20.5 km being also included in the project the enlargement in 4 km of the section between the Nodeof Geraldes and the Node of Padronelo.



Project Dates