The Lavras housing project, located in a neighborhood of the same name, in the municipality of Guarulhos, is part of Minha Casa, Minha Vida program, with 1,460 residential units, being 600 of them oriented to families displaced from areas affected by floods or to release the construction of PVT. The monitoring conducted focus on said 600 families and aims to monitor the integration of these families in the new environment.

The monitoring and assessment work has as specific goals:

  • To enable adaptations, adjustments and redirections of actions to ensure that the goals and guidelines of the Resettlement Plan are achieved;
  • To subsidize managers in the preparation of control tools in all levels – beneficiaries, linked companies, public managers and partners;
  • To observe whether the prescribed measures are being developed and, in case it is detected the need to change the process, propose course corrections;
  • To identify obstacles and opportunities to perform the planned measures, indicating solutions to overcome and optimize them;
  • To verify compliance with targets and schedules of the Program;
  • To monitor evolution in life conditions of the resettled population in relation to previous living situation, focusing on family income, quality of life and access to services, infrastructure and leisure;
  • To monitor the process of social and economic reintegration of the families.


Department of Water and Power of the State of São Paulo – DAEE

Project Dates

2017 – 2019