The object of the project is to improve the technical condition of the 247 km electrified double track line located in the region of Lodz, Kujawy-Pomerania and Wielkopolska by performing regeneration allows to restore the original operating parameters

More precisely, it involves the improvement of the technical condition of the line linking, over a distance of 50 km, the cities Bydgoszcz and Torun (which are part of Bydgoszcz-Torun Metropolitan Area), which will improve the efficiency of the rail transport in this section by the elimination of speeds limits, resulting from the poor condition of the infrastructure. The regeneration will not only allow the speed of passenger trains to be raised to 120 kph and goods trains to 100 kph, but also ensure users and businesses a high level of reliability and comfort, whilst extending the service life of the network. We should highlight that improving the quality of the rail link is an important element of integration in urban transport. Our experts will be carrying out the management and the administration of the contract in design and construction (under FIDIC conditions) until 2015.



Project Dates

2013 – 2015

Project Figures

Project costs: ca 40.4 MEUR