Modernisation of port infrastructure, by providing deeper approach channels and basins and by increasing the navigation safety in the port of Constanta

Hazardous conditions in Constanta Port determined the Port Authority to assess the need of increasing depths and approach channels and basins, as well as the opportunity to consolidate some of the quay walls.

TPF CPROJECT (whose name changed to TPF INGINERIE) was entrusted by the National Company “Administration of Maritime Ports” Constanta with a feasibility study that would determine the water areas that require deepening to provide safe navigation within the port limits, especially when vessels perform mooring manœuvres, as well as to reduce costs by decreasing mooring time.

Twenty areas were studied and the result showed the need to invest in dredging and protection and consolidation works to the quaywalls in most of the areas. Cost-benefit analysis was performed and the project was submitted for review to apply for funding from the Transport SOP Programme.


National Company “Administration of Maritime Ports” Constanta

Project Dates

2011 – 2013