Launched in 1985, EFC is 892 kilometers long, connecting the world's largest open cast iron ore mine, in Pará, to Porto de Ponta da Madeira, in São Luís (MA). 120 million tons of cargo and 350 thousand passengers/year are transported; leading the ranking of the most efficient railroads in Brazil.

The study Synergia is conducting aims to provide Vale with information and technical analyses that indicate severity grades, transit assessment and other matters to read the mobility conditions and the connection between the railroad and the surrounding communities that will subsidize the process of renewal of the licensing agreement of its operation.

The study must present information on motivations for the use of crossings and on the operation of equipment on surrounding areas that promote the transit of people and vehicles over the railway line, allowing Vale to know the behavior of pedestrians and drivers that may increase accident risks.

The following is part of Synergia’s work scope: i. conduction of demographic study on communities surrounding the railroad; ii. transit analysis on the 101 Official Level Crossings along the EFC and 20 Illegal Crossings, 46 Highway Overpasses (VR’s), 34 Illegal Crossings/Future Crossings and Relevant Points, 119 Under-Railroad Vehicle Crossings (PV’s), 10 Under-Railroad Inferior Crossings (PI’s) and 09 existing footbridges; iii. analysis of risks related to these points and analysis of the type of care to which these transpositions will be subject (community, farm, highway interconnection etc); iv. comparative analysis between the current scenario and the proposal of the new licensing agreement with the regulatory agency (ANTT).



Project Dates

2017 – 2018