Synergia supports Vale in the development and operationalization of the relationship plan to be carried out with the communities in the area of direct influence of Salobo Copper Mine.

It is an area formed by villages and farmlands with rural characteristics and socio-economic vulnerability traits. The census, conducted in 2013, registered 536 families directly or indirectly impacted by the implementation of the mine. The following are some of the actions for which the miner receives consulting services:  socio-economic diagnosis of the population and urban monitoring; identification of the communities’ weaknesses and strengths, contributing to the adhesion to the project and the empowerment of community projects; mapping and monitoring of new stakeholders in the area, and support to the strengthening of the Social Committee.  This last action consists of a group formed by Vale, with the participation of representatives from both the miner and companies hired by it with the objective to bring the community managers together by meeting the social demands.


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