The municipality of Uccle has over 60 buildings in which it provides its services to the town population. These buildings range from the Town Hall to sports facilities, schools, police stations as well as retirement homes and public welfare services. These buildings are located throughout the town.

The assignment consists of ensuring the management and maintenance as well as breakdown services for technical installations in the municipal buildings in Uccle. The technical equipment concerned comprises:

  • Individual boiler rooms in 60 buildings.
  • Air conditioning and air purification systems.


  • conducts maintenance on the boilers.
  • conducts inspections on boilers over 15 years old;
  • issues maintenance and combustion operations certificates;
  • conducts work on the installations (improvements, repairs, etc.);
  • ensures 24/7 on-call assistance;
  • conducts the energy management for the installation.
  • makes proposals for improvements to the installations.


Uccle Municipality

Project Dates

2013 – 2014