Construction of a cruise terminal in an extension of 675 m in the riverside area of Lisbon, with a new cruise berth and a reference work in the area of port infrastructure. This major project included the construction of a new platform berthing at the pier Jardim do Tabaco area having TPF Planege, in consortium with Iperplano, assured the supervision of the work, coordination of safety and environmental monitoring.

The work developed in two phases comprised the rehabilitation of the existing pier, with the construction of a new structure consisting of rows of piles (Ø = 1.00 m) in molded concrete “in situ” moving about 45 m into the river in order to reach the deeper operation depths needed to large ships that will dock. Included also the improvement of the geotechnical characteristics of the soil in front of the pier, through the execution of stone columns, the execution of a prism on the outer face rockfill existing to improve the overall stability and rebuilding the prism of riprap and filter the masonry of the pier, to prevent the embankment settlements. In the second phase, the work covered a front of 475 m, and in addition to the execution of reinforcement and extension of the pier, was awarded the landfill dock Terreiro do Trigo. This new platform should, in a third phase, be extended upstream, connecting the pier of Santa Apolonia, which will allow achieving a total of 1,586 m of wharf.


Administração do Porto de Lisboa

Project Dates

2007 – 2011