Supervision services for the development of an irrigation system in South Segrià. Regulation and distribution networks. Phase 3B

Spray irrigation system for an area of 1,350 ha, with a capacity of 2,000 m3/year. Its water source is a 200,000 m3 dam, with a 1.5 mm high-density polyethylene coating, protected by Geodren. It is supplied by a Pumping Station, with 500 Kv power, a pumped flow rate of 2,800 m3/ h, a pumping height of 25 m and an anti-hammering device of 12 m3. The HDPE reversible pipe (Ø= 900 mm) works also as the primary network.

The rest of the network is structured into two secondary pipe sections of fiberglass (Ø= 400-800mm), PVC (Ø= 200-350 mm) and HDPE (with a smaller diameter). It totals 25 km and supplies water to 78 hydrants. The third network derives from these hydrants and is 100% made out of HDPE (Ø= 50-125 mm), totaling 90 km.

The project includes all the devices intended for the system control and connections to users: filters, sectioning, connections, hydrants; relocation of affected utilities and land restoration. 100 m of pipe ramming were used for network junctions under roads, with diameters ranging between 800 and 1,200 mm.

  • Total area of the system: >6,486 ha (Phase 3B: 1,350 ha).
  • System type: Pressure system
  • Capacity: 2,000 m3/ha/year.
  • Pumped flow rate (Phase 3B): 2,800 m3/h (2 pumps + 1 extra pump)
  • Height: 25 cmH2O
  • Anti-hammering device: 12 m3.
  • 100 m of steel pipe ramming (Ø= 800 – 1,200 mm) for network junctions under roads



Project Dates

2009 – 2014

Project Figures

Contract Value:
850,000.00 €