IPALLE, in association with other public and private partners (IBW, IDEA, SITA Shank, Vanheede, Cogetrina, Véolia LMCU Lille), wishes to make valuable use of biomass generated from its collection and composting activities through the use of a biomass heating plant. This plant is for this plant to convert all biomass from the partners, approximately 140,000 t/year, into electrical and steam energy with the view to supplying the nearby Lutosa plant. A heating network is also included in the project and should be supplied by this facility.

Our task relates to the following three aspects:


  • analysis and identification of the partners’ biomass deposits;
  • analysis of the energy requirements (thermal and electrical) of Lutosa;
  • proposal of an industrial model and assessment of the technical focus points:
    • Pretreatment of the biomass.
    • Transformation into steam energy.
    • Passing the steam through one or several turbines with or without bleeding.
    • Proposal of a layout intended to define the real estate required for the project.


  • evaluation of a budget necessary for the investment project;
  • evaluation of the net energy produced;
  • drafting of a business plan.


  • identification technical and legislative risks;
  • contingency study on the different project parameters and the determination of the impact thereof on the IRR.


Intercommunale de Propreté Publique du Hainaut Occidental (IPALLE)

Project Dates

2013 – 2014