The Intermodal Station brings together the different modes of transport that have stops at Plaza Elíptica. The object of the project is to minimize the access time of buses to the station and the connection times between modes and as a result reducing the total travel time of modal transport chain.

The new Intermodal Station in Plaza Elíptica is located in the South- West area of the city of Madrid.

The different modes of transport involved in the Intermodal Station are: intercity buses, that access to the city through the A-42 Highway and the Vía Lusitana Av., urban buses that have stop in the surrounding area of Plaza Elíptica and the two Metro lines, L -6 and L -11 , which have stations nearby the square.

 The Intermodal Station has three underground levels with 20 intercity bays and urban buses stops are available.

The new Intermodal Station integrates lines 6 and 11 of Metro de Madrid and has commercial areas contributing to the financing of the construction and operation of the Intermodal Station.

It has exclusive access tunnels for buses on two levels, longer than 600 m, which reduce access time to the Intermodal Station avoiding the main areas of traffic congestion.

It also has parking area for empty buses and a system of ramps that allows communication between different levels and entrances/exits, interchangeably, with the two main roads, A-42 and Via Lusitana.

The project includes the final design of all elements, infrastructure, architecture, all kinds of systems and facilities, furniture, etcetera.


Madrid City Council

Project Dates



GTT Ingeniería

Project Figures

  • Contract Value :  410,346.28 €
  • Construction Value : 43 million €