Designed by the Architect Jean Nouvel, the « Centre Tertiaire Intermodal » (Intermodal services center) constitutes a vital centre for the Tangier-Med port complex. Operational since June 2013, it now houses around 30 port operators.

The CTI building 450 metres long and 50 metres wide,the symbolic size of a large container ship, has  a daily capacity for 3,000 residents and 10,000 people in transit. It has over 38,000 sqm floor space including 24,000 sqm of offices.  The railway station of the Tanger-Med port and the transit filters are part of the intermodal center. This center is dedicated to the support of businesses and the location of associated activities needed for the management of the Tangier-Mediterranean port, such as: customs, national security, police and government departments.



Project Dates



Architects  Jean NOUVEL / Taoufiq El Oufir

Project Figures

Amount of works: 70 M€