Feasibility study on the integration terminals of the Metropolitan Integrated Transport System of Posadas. Total length of the corridor: 37 km.

The main goals of this project are, on the one hand, to improve the tools, information and databases in order to develop a Plan for Urban Transport in the Metropolitan Area of Posadas and, on the other hand, to conduct a feasibility study on the implementation of Posadas Third Module. The contract also includes the design of the corridor pavement.

The services provided were:

  • A Transport Planning Model divided into four stages (second phase of the Metropolitan Integrated Transport System of the city on the origin and destination of trips, distribution, modal division and assignment) for the Metropolitan Area of Posadas.
  • Feasibility Study for the Integration Terminals at Baliña Hospital (Jauretche) and Route 213.
  • Institutional strengthening of the authorities involved in urban transportation.
  • Geometric design of the infrastructures included in the Third Module Corridor.


Proyecto de transporte Urbano de Buenos Aires (PTUBA) (Buenos Aires Urban Transport Project)

Project Dates

2010 – 2011



Project Figures

Contract Value: 444,644 €