The scope of this project is the construction of industrial site facilities, acces ways and roads and the construction of an administrative building within the framework of the integrated waste management site in Floreffe.

The industrial site facilities comprise the construction of an industrial hall for the preparation of fuel briquettes from wood waste and for the bulk waste sorting and crushing, the equipment for the sorting crushing line, the construction of warehouses to store the raw and crushed bulk waste, the construction of a transshipment hall for the household waste fluvial transfer (the total area of the halls being 11,500 sqm) as well as the construction of storage platforms and roads within the site. As part of the project, the infrastructure related to the company vehicles should also be mentioned: weight bridges, car wash, petrol station, truck parking canopies (70 trucks), car park (170 cars) and vehicle maintenance garage/workshop.

Access to site involves the construction of a ramp on the right bank side of the river from the RN90, the construction of a bridge over the Sambre river (20 + 50m) as well as the construction of a roundabout on the left bank side of the river. The waterway has been chosen for shipping the prestressed concrete beams (50m, 80tonnes) which have been mounted using a 450T crane.

For the construction of the low energy administrative building (3 storeys, 3,000 sqm), the material and the equipment as well as the insulation techniques (K20) and heating-ventilation systems have been chosen to minimize environmental impacts.



Project Dates

Realization: 2008-2010



TPF Basse Sambre (Electromechanical engineering)


Architect Willy SEMPELS (industrial site architecture)

AURAL (administrative building architecture)

GEI (administrative building utilities)

Control Office : SECO

Project Figures

Amount of works taxes not incl.:
± 22.5 Million €
(total investment divided into 3 lots, being simultaneously realized)