Study for the consolidation of the Integrated Public Transport System in Lima - Section length: 30 km.

The main objective of this contract is to update current demand models as well as to develop, design, propose and/or identify the actions and strategies required to guarantee the success of public transport projects that are about to be implemented and to ensure an efficient transition from the current system to an integrated and sustainable one.

The services provided were:

  • Updating of current demand models that date back to 2009.
  • Re-assessing the operational scheme of the proposed corridors.
  • Examining the surveys.
  • Tools for strategic transport planning: demand and traffic studies, calibrated transport model, traffic simulation, macro and micro simulation.
  • Multi-criteria assessment.
  • Operational design of the system.
  • Preliminary design of the 30-km corridor, terminals and maintenance areas.
  • Evaluating the legal and institutional framework involved in the transport sector.
  • Environmental impact assessment regarding the corridors.
  • Study of alternatives, location and preliminary design of the integration terminals.
  • Environmental impact assessment regarding the terminals.
  • Tariff estimation.
  • Socio-economic, technical and environmental feasibility of the project and economic, financial and legal organization.
  • Design of tools and strategies for social, economic and environmental policies in order to transform the current system.
  • Design of legal mechanisms.


Fonam – Protransporte / World Bank

Project Dates

2009 – 2010


Taryet, Geoconsult

Project Figures

Contract Value: 1,036,450 €