A 12,600 sqm provincial institute to be constructed in three phases for the training of the public officials

Phase 1: The building is completely constructed on bored piles with a capacity of 220 T which are anchored at approximately 1 metre into the bedrock.

Foundation plinths have been built on these piles to support the foundation beams of the ventilated air space or to support the basement shear walls. For scheduling reasons, the shear walls have been completely precast (double wall).

These components support the floor of the ground floor level and are mainly made up of wide span prestressed infill blocks with compression screed.

The framework of the superstructure is made up of beams and columns in precast reinforced concrete for the façades and load-bearing masonry in the central part on which the wide-span prestressed infill blocks with the compressed screed rest.

The lecture theatre is made up of terracing in visible precast reinforced concrete. These terraces are in an L-shape and are supported by sloping beams in prestressed and/or reinforced concrete.

The roof is made up of HEB200 arched sections with metal stays (cables). These support the roof assembly made up of trapezoid metal sheets in galvanised steel, insulation and upright zinc seals.

The atrium roof is a flat reinforced concrete roof supported by prestressed concrete beams, with no intermediate supports.

Phase 2: This phase consists of the addition of a 2-storey building, 14 metres tall. Each level has a gross surface area of 1100 m2.

Phase 3: This phase consists of the addition of 2 buildings. The first has a gross surface area of 546 m2, the second, with a height of 14 metres, has 2 floors with a total gross surface area of 2230 m2, but with a 600 m2 high bay industrial building with a height of 14 metres.


Building department of the Province of Liège

Project Dates

Phase 1: 2006-2008

Phase 2: 2014

Phase 3: works foreseen in 2015


Joint Venture ARCADIS- LOUIS

Project Figures

Total amount of works taxes not incl :
12.5 M€ (finishing work and technical building services excl.)