Installation of a combined heat and power generation system in the Tour du Midi of Brussels (37 floors and 1,800 occupants) with the use of heat for heating offices and all electricity output produced consumed by the building.

The installation comprises:

  • a combined heat and power unit (gas motor) of 190 kWe and 275 kWth;
  • adaptation of the existing heating circuits;
  • adaptation of the existing electrical installation.

Mission of TPF-Utilities:

  • Preliminary design of a combined heat and power generation installation: dimensioning the thermal and electrical power, estimation of the amount of investment and updated pay-back period.
  • Drafting the specifications, that is to say, the administrative terms and conditions, general terms and conditions, special terms and conditions and the related appendices (tender documentation, estimate to be completed, etc.)
  • Analysis of bids and drafting the award report.
  • Managing the works: schedule monitoring, supervision of construction techniques, verification of technical data sheets.
  • Health and Safety coordination role.


Office National des Pensions

Project Dates

2009 – 2010